James Gunn Trolls Peacemaker Show’s Official Twitter Account


TV spinoffs of popular feature films don’t usually involve many of the key creatives other than a recognizable star or two, but that certainly isn’t the case with HBO Max’s Peacemaker. James Gunn wrote the entire run of episodes himself, directed a handful and was on set almost everyday overseeing production.

That’s an immense level of dedication from the filmmaker, especially when he wrapped The Suicide Squad and dived straight into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, leaving him with barely a moment to catch his breath over the last two years.

Much like the title character, Peacemaker‘s official Twitter account has been self-deprecating and prone to bold proclamations, even calling out Superman by claiming that the Big Blue Boy Scout wouldn’t even eat a single d*ck in the name of liberty.

The viral marketing will be moving through the gears as we get closer to Peacemaker‘s January 2022 release, but Gunn isn’t above trolling the design team when the occasion calls for it, as you can see below.

Gunn already described Peacemaker as the most action-packed superhero show ever made, so maybe all the budget got spent on that, leaving the graphic designers with pennies to work with. It’s all in jest, though, and we’ll be seeing much more from John Cena’s Christopher Smith at the upcoming DCFanDome event.