James Wan Teases The Creatures We’ll Meet On Swamp Thing


In the view of this writer, Swamp Thing is certainly poised for his next pop culture boom. I mean, not only have top talents such as Scott Snyder and Charles Soule penned his comic book adventures in recent years, but the Avatar of the Green has also made appearances in animated movies such as Justice League Dark and Batman and Harley Quinn. Come to think of it, fans of all ages have gotten a sampling thanks to Cartoon Network’s Justice League Action.

Well, expect for things to kick into high gear in the very near future when Swampy returns for an all-new live action series on the DC Universe streaming service. Already, we’ve learned of how it’ll be more of a mature affair similar to the platform’s maiden voyage, Titans.

If you’re like me and weren’t exactly thrilled with the last Swamp Thing show to grace small screens, then you can rest easily because producer James Wan recently assured Blood Disgusting of how his venture will honor the comics, telling them the following:

“Of course, that’s part of the appeal. I have an amazing team of showrunners and writers on this. Just like I was with Aquaman, we’re very respectful to the source material with Swamp Thing as well.”

Of course, we’re all wondering what kind of creatures will combat Derek Mears once he suits up as the titular hero, but Wan remained coy on that topic. Still, he offered the following teaser:

“We’re a big fan of Alan Moore’s take on it so picking a particular story and using that as the foundation to kick it off. If we’re lucky, we can have many other stories to tell.”

Knowing how Alan Moore’s run is considered sacred cow in the comic book community, that’s certainly not a bad place to start. Even so, one can only hope the producers also look at stuff written by the likes of Len Wein and Nancy A. Collins for future inspiration.

Right now, Swamp Thing lacks a release date, but a recent infographic touted by DC Universe points toward a debut to come in either May or June of 2019. As always, watch this space for more.