Jason Bateman and Laura Linney tease the final episodes of ‘Ozark’


Ahead of the remaining string of episodes of the fourth and final season of Netflix’s Ozark dropping on April 29, stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are teasing exactly what fans can expect. Part one’s batch of episodes was released back on January 21 and the demand has been extremely high for the final episodes to come out.

Bateman and Linney star as Marty and Wendy Byrde, a husband and wife duo who become entangled in a crime syndicate run by a powerful Mexican drug cartel. After moving his family out to the Ozark mountains to launder the cartel’s money, Marty realizes that he’s in over his head and must do whatever it takes to protect himself and his family.

While speaking with Deadline, Bateman describes Marty’s complicated journey thus far, though insists that his character has “gotten smart enough” to deal with the troubles of his life but because of several difficult decisions, he has been humbled in the process.

[Marty] always felt like he was a bit smarter than he was, like he’d gain a little intelligence in each episode but never really enough to get them out of it by the next episode. Here we are at the end and I think he’s gotten smart enough, or become ethical enough, to be done with it all, but I don’t think he or the family are at the place he thought they’d be at, and he’s forced to be humble a little bit.

In that same interview, Linney explains that all three major families within the series’ central plot are now forced to face the same degree of trouble, saying it will be “really interesting” to see how these families cope with their issues.

What I love that happens in this season is that the families become sort of encapsulated within themselves, the Byrdes, the Navarros, the Langmores, and you get the sense of these three different cultures in these three different families dealing with similar issues about survival and need and greed… and to see how they each deal with it separately, as family units, is really interesting.

From what we know so far, showrunner Chris Mundy has already confirmed that these characters will be forced to make impactful choices, which certainly leaves the fate of the Byrde family up in the air when it comes to the intricate situation they now find themselves in.

Part two of Ozark season four drops on Netflix on April 29.

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