The Internet Is Loving Jeans Guy’s Cameo In The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

After Baby Yoda stole the hearts and captured the imaginations of millions of Star Wars fans when The Mandalorian first hit Disney Plus last year, Jon Favreau must have realized that his acclaimed sci-fi show wouldn’t be able to coast by on the little green guy’s popularity forever, and season 2 seems determined to introduce a new cult hero into the mythology every single week.

In the premiere, the honor was bestowed on Timothy Olyphant’s smoldering space cowboy Cobb Vanth, while “The Passenger” brought the Frog Lady into the mix, with the amphibious character quickly becoming a firm fan favorite. That notion was only reinforced in the following week’s episode “The Heiress,” with the emotional reunion between Frog Lady and her husband sending the internet into meltdown, while Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan also made her live-action debut.

On the surface, there weren’t any supporting players involved in “The Siege” that held any sort of breakout potential, but Lucasfilm clearly weren’t accounting for eagle-eyed viewers spotting a crew member lurking in the background of the episode’s big action sequence. Just like that, Jeans Guy became an instant Star Wars phenomenon, and you can check out some of the reactions to his cameo below.

It clearly doesn’t take a lot to win over the The Mandalorian‘s fanbase, but as of yet, Jeans Guy has still to come forward and reveal himself. Of course, these kinds of goofs happen all the time in major TV shows, but while Game of Thrones‘ infamous coffee cup led to a barrage of criticism about such an amateurish mistake being allowed to occur on one of the most expensive productions in small screen history, Jeans Guy has attained a level of celebrity and adulation that Gina Carano could only dream of.