Jeremy Jordan Explains His New Recurring Status On Supergirl Season 4


Supergirl‘s third season finale saw two major players leaving their place as regulars on the show. Chris Wood properly departed the DC TV series as Mon-El traveled back to the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and a bigger shock was that Winn Schott went with him, setting up Jeremy Jordan’s diminished role in season 4.

Winn’s been with Supergirl since the very beginning and is one of its best-loved characters, mostly thanks to Jordan’s loveable portrayal of the former lovesick CatCo IT guy turned the D.E.O.’s resident tech genius. Understandably, then, fans were gutted when it was announced that Jordan wouldn’t be a regular on the show from now on.

To clarify his commitment to the series going forward, though, the actor took to Twitter to share a message which explained his reasons for deciding to step back and his affection for playing Winn, as well as promising that “I love National City too much to stay away forever. Winn WILL return in season 4.”

With Winn gone, someone else is stepping into his shoes as the show’s “Guy in the Chair.” Namely, Brainiac-5, the Legionnaire who decided to stay behind in 21st century National City in the season 3 finale. Jesse Rath has been announced to be playing a regular role in season 4, after featuring in a recurring status this year. With Mon-El out of the way, fans will surely be wondering if the show might explore a comics-accurate romance between Kara and Brainy.

Another revelation made in the season 3 finale was the existence of another version of Supergirl who had landed in Siberia. As well as referencing “The Last Daughter of Krypton” storyline from the comics, producers have confirmed that season 4 will borrow from Mark Millar’s seminal Superman: Red Son graphic novel, which explored an alternate version of Kal-El raised in Russia.