Jeri Ryan Offers Update On Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Filming

Star Trek: Picard

While we’re waiting on Star Trek: Discovery season 3 to arrive on CBS All Access, we’re also wondering how long it’s going to be until Star Trek: Picard season 2 can go before cameras. Unfortunately, as with countless other TV series right now, the Patrick Stewart vehicle has been held up by the lockdown. EP Akiva Goldsman has previously revealed it was due to start shooting this June, and while that’s not going to happen anymore, he’s promised that work will begin as soon as possible.

Now, one of the show’s stars has given us a further update. Jeri Ryan recently took part in a Stars in the House video call with the cast of Star Trek: Voyager. When the conversation turned to Picard, Ryan echoed Goldsman’s comments that a June start date was expected, but added that the new plan is to resume production sometime in the fall.

“We are waiting to see…We are just in a holding pattern. We were originally supposed to start shooting in the middle of June, but they would have had to start building the sets at the beginning of May, which we can’t do. So, we are just waiting. They are hoping we can start shooting in the fall. I don’t know,” Ryan said.

Ryan returned in several episodes of Picard season 1 as Seven of Nine, with the series revealing what the character’s been up to since Voyager ended nearly 20 years ago. Seven has changed a lot, and become more human over the years, but the season also saw her become a temporary Borg queen in order to stop the Zhat Vash. By the end of run, though, it looked like she had decided to remain with Picard’s crew on La Sirena. Maybe even starting up a relationship with Raffi. The show had previously confirmed the long-held belief that Seven was gay.

According to Stewart. startling events are coming in Star Trek: Picard season 2. Though exactly when they’re coming is currently a mystery. Fingers crossed filming gets underway soon enough for it to arrive sometime next year, though.