Star Trek: Picard Just Teased An LGBT Romance For Seven Of Nine

Star Trek: Picard

Fans have loved seeing more of Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Picardwith the series moving the Voyager character forward in some exciting, bold ways. It hasn’t always been happy times for the xB on the show, but one positive development that’s been made is the revelation that she’s queer, as was originally intended by her creators back in the 1990s but vetoed from being explored by network censors.

Back in episode 6 “Stardust City Rag,” it was subtly revealed that Seven and her ally-turned-enemy Bjayzl were once lovers before the latter betrayed her, which resulted in the death of her “son” Icheb. While fans were pleased to discover this fact about Seven, it was hardly a win-win, as her relationship with Bjayzl had turned so sour. However, this week’s Picard season finale gave us hope that Seven will embark on a much more fulfilling relationship going forward.

Long story short, by the end of the episode, Picard – now reborn in an android body – and his crew are off sailing the stars in La Sirena once again, but this time Seven and Elnor are with them. One shot shows Seven and Raffi Musiker playing the Vulcan strategy game Kal-Toh while they hold hands in an affectionate and intimate way. It looks a lot like the pair are getting very close there, so we can presumably expect some sparks to fly in season 2.

This tells us that Raffi herself is gay as well, which is a slight surprise since her ex-husband and estranged son – who’ve been a big part of her storyline this season – suggested she was straight. To be honest, her connection with Seven feels like it comes out of nowhere given the pair’s limited interactions before this, but there’s no reason that a meaningful relationship can’t be crafted between them when Star Trek: Picard returns.