8 Awesome Easter Eggs In Jessica Jones Season 1


By now, you’ll have no doubt binge watched the entirety of Jessica Jones, the latest series from Marvel and Netflix. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best things that Marvel has done and in our glowing review of it, our very own Isaac Feldberg concluded the following:

Darker and more dangerous than anything else Marvel Studios has put out to date, Jessica Jones is also very possibly its finest, most fully-formed creation.

The show is, of course, packed full of some absolutely brilliant moments (you can see our countdown of the very best by clicking here), but what about Easter Eggs? Daredevil had tons of them, with nods to everyone from Elektra to Stilt Man and Gladiator, but how does Jessica Jones compare?


Well, there are certainly a lot less of them, but those which are included are no doubt extremely significant. Whether it’s certain costumes or catchphrases, or even references to characters no one ever expected to see show up in Jessica Jones, the critically acclaimed series clearly made an effort to make fans happy by paying homage to the character’s relatively short stint as part of the Marvel Comics Universe.

So, with that in mind, here you’ll find the eight awesome Easter Eggs from season one of Jessica Jones. Needless to say, spoilers follow…