8 Of Our Favorite Moments From Jessica Jones Season 1


Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix, and if you’ve managed to binge watch all thirteen episodes by now, you’ll know that the show is packed full of amazing and memorable moments. Critics so far agree that Marvel has outdone themselves this time, delivering a series which is just as good, or possibly better, than Daredevil.

The show has actually been in development for years now, with a version titled A.K.A. Jessica Jones at one point set to reach ABC. However, that was drastically shaken up when Marvel and Netflix reached a deal for The Defenders, and having seen the show, it’s now fair to say that Alias Investigations has ended up in the best possible place.


Regardless, of all the show’s highlights, which ones stand out as being the very best? From awesome action scenes to great character interactions and significant nods to the comic books, Jessica Jones is a series with a lot to love, and these here are our favourites.

Needless to say, there are spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you’re still watching.