Jimmi Simpson Says No One Has Figured Out Westworld Yet


This Sunday, HBO will bring to a close what’s been one of the best seasons of television we’ve seen in some time thanks to the brilliant show that is Westworld. It hasn’t quite turned into the pop culture juggernaut that something like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead have, but it’s also still fairly new and already it’s built up a dedicated legion of fans who’ve been trying to decipher its many, many mysteries over the past few months.

As you no doubt know by now, the finale is set to be 90 minutes long and according to co-showrunner Lisa Joy, it’ll answer most of the popular questions surrounding the theme park and its colorful cast of characters. That’s a good thing, too, as it seems that no one has truly figured out just what the heck is going on yet. Make no mistake about it, there are countless fan theories floating around on the web – some which seem pretty likely – but according to Jimmi Simpson, who plays William, nobody has cracked it.

During a recent interview to promote the finale (which is apparently going to be a “crazy conclusion“), the actor said that while he’s read most of what’s been written on the web, he still hasn’t found anyone who’s “accurately figured it out.”

“I don’t spend all that much time online but I feel like I’ve been forwarded quite a few things and I haven’t seen anyone nail this,” says Simpson. “There are a lot of people coming close to some elements, but as far as the actual machine that’s happening at the end, I think people will be refreshingly surprised and pleased.”

Further on in the interview, he reiterated what we’d already heard about the finale, which is that it will answer most of the things we’ve been wondering about.

So I think at the end of this season, it’s the end of a chapter and they’re prepared for it and I think they really kill it and they satisfy, I would say, at least most of all the things you’re wondering. And then they do this wonderful thing and they just flick on this light and now you’re seeing a future as well, but they’re not making you wait for the questions you’ve already been asking.

This, coupled with what Evan Rachel Wood said earlier in the week (which is that Westworld hasn’t even really begun yet), has us more excited than ever to see what Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have planned for audiences on Sunday. It’s been a real thrill following along with the show for the past two months or so, and we’re feeling pretty confident at this stage that tomorrow’s episode will not disappoint.

Tell us, what are you hoping to see Westworld answer with its season finale? Sound off down below and let us know!