J.J. Abrams Says Westworld Season 1 Finale Is A “Crazy” Conclusion, Reveals New Clip


With Sunday quickly approaching, the hype is building for the season 1 finale of HBO’s Westworld. Aside from fan anticipation being at an all-time high, the cast and crew of the show have been chatting up the upcoming episode as well. Evan Rachel Wood recently spoke with Indiewire and teased that it’ll make you “get up and clap,” while producer Lisa Joy has promised that the super-sized 90 minute outing will answer most of our questions.

Now, to add even more fuel to the fire, J.J. Abrams has talked up the finale as well, telling Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show this week that it’s going to be a “crazy” conclusion, before revealing a brief and ominous new clip from the episode.

Spoiler free and just a hint of what’s to come, it’s the perfect teaser to really get our appetites going for this Sunday. After all, we’d rather walk into the episode knowing as little about it as possible, and at this stage, it looks like we’ll get our wish.

Plus, with a season 2 already confirmed, we won’t be at all upset if the finale leaves a few questions unanswered. Despite Joy’s comments, we have no doubt that it will, and that’s absolutely fine. Not everything needs to be wrapped up nicely, especially not in a show like Westworld. Leave us with some food for thought for the next year or so as we wait for it to return, it’ll just make the next season that much more exciting.

It’s been a long, strange, thrilling and weird ride these past few months for viewers of HBO’s newest smash hit, but it’s all about to come to an end this Sunday, and quite frankly, we can’t wait to see how Westworld wraps up what’s been an outstanding first season.

Tell us, which questions are you hoping to see resolved this weekend? Hit the comments section down below and let us know!