Jodie Whittaker Reveals The Best Thing About Starring In Doctor Who


There’s a couple of roles that have an indefinable aura of specialness to them: James Bond, Batman/Superman and Sherlock Holmes to name just a few examples. All of these characters have been played by some of the best actors on the planet and anyone taking on the role knows that it’ll put them in iconic company.

One of the most notorious is the Doctor, whose regenerative ability bakes in that there’s going to be a new star of Doctor Who every few years. So, once you get the jitters of living up to fan expectations out of the way, what’s the best thing about playing the part?

That was the straightforward question put to Whittaker by one young fan of the show, and her answer makes clear that she’s understood something beyond Doctor Who‘s fantasy premise, the iconic villains and props:

“I mean, it’s so difficult to answer, but I think one of the most incredible things is the sense of endless possibility. As humans, we don’t often feel that life deals us that card, and I think being the Doctor makes you see life in an open-hearted and adventurous way, and it makes me want to share that outlook.”

She couldn’t have hit the nail on the head better here. While Doctor Who has its ups and downs (especially within Jodie’s inaugural season), the show’s time-traveling premise allows for it to contort into any number of stories, be they set in outer space, re-enacting historical events, delving into contemporary issues or chatting with a rubber frog who’s also an extra-dimensional space god.

After Whittaker explained her answer, she addressed the young fan directly, telling her:

“To know that as a young Doctor Who fan, you could potentially carry that outlook on, is very exciting.”

Doctor Who will return to our screens with its New Year’s special, “Resolution,” and after that, we’ll be waving goodbye to Jodie and the gang until 2020, when season 12 hits.