Joe Keery jokes about how he maintains his glorious ‘Stranger Things’ hair

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things
Image via Netflix

Actor Joe Keery got his claim to fame by starring in Stranger Things as Steve Harrington and, through his time on the Netflix drama, has always had luscious locks. Now, he has joked the site’s leadership personally maintains the look in a conversation with Collider.

“I pretty much have to check. I’ll go over to [Netflix CEO] Ted Sarandos’ house, and he’ll just give me all of the haircuts personally, just to make sure it stays appropriate length. He’ll get the ruler out, and we do it by the book really just to be safe.”

The outlet visited the show’s set in June 2021 for a roundtable discussion with Keery and co-stars Maya Hawke and Priah Ferguson and, while speaking to the trio, got some more info on where Steve goes starting May 27.

“The relationship with Robin is what we develop there, commitment and loyalty to each other that we definitely follow through on that storyline. They’re tighter than ever after last year, which has been really fun to play. I can’t tell you anything. I literally can’t say anything.”

The second half of Stranger Things‘ fourth season premieres July 1. It has been renewed for a fifth and final season, though creators the Duffer Brothers have teased that more stories set in the world will also be coming from them later on. They have revealed little about these aside from saying they will be around new mysteries with unexpected heroes.