John Boyega’s Finn Rumored For Star Wars Disney Plus Series

finn last jedi

John Boyega has repeatedly voiced his dissatisfaction with how his character arc was handled during the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, to the extent that he even met with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy to discuss the issues that generated no shortage of online support in the actor’s favor, and even more vitriol towards the franchise’s Disney era.

He definitely had a point, after Finn was set up as the second most important new character in the final trilogy, before being sidelined in favor of a more concerted focus on the Rey/Kylo Ren dynamic. It’s been well over eighteen months since The Rise of Skywalker was released, and at no point has Boyega shown any vested interest in returning to a galaxy far, far away, even going so far as to say that the only way he’d make a comeback was if he could record a voice role without having to leave his home.

However, a new rumor claims that a solo series for Finn could be in the works at Disney Plus. As per the report, the Star Wars movie that was announced to be in development from J.D. Dillard and Matt Owens earlier this year is being refitted as an episodic streaming exclusive, which will purportedly be a combination of prequel and sequel to Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

The narrative would follow Finn as he finds himself out of options and enlisting in the First Order, before jumping forward to find out how he’s faring in a post-Rise of Skywalker world, and a villain with connections to both his past and future will tie the story together. Things have been awfully quiet on the Boyega front since his contentious exit from Netflix thriller Rebel Ridge, but he did admit he’d be down for more Star Wars if Kennedy and J.J. Abrams were involved.