John Wick Prequel Series The Continental Reveals Lead And Supporting Cast

winston john wick

It was well over three years ago that John Wick prequel series The Continental was announced to be in development at Starz, but the project has roared into life since being reconfigured as a three-night event, with each installment set to run for 90 minutes and cost upwards of $20 million.

The first star announced for the ensemble was a big one, with Mel Gibson signing on as a crime boss named Cormac, but The Continental has now confirmed the identity of the actor set to step into Ian McShane’s grizzled shoes as Winston Scott, with the rest of the principal supporting cast having also been filled out.


As per Deadline, The Flight Attendant‘s Colin Woodell will play Winston, where he’ll be joined by five new names. The Good Lord Bird‘s Hubert Point-Du Jour is set as Miles, with The Laundromat‘s Jessica Allain as Lou, Vida‘s Mishel Prada as KD, The Housemaid‘s Nhung Kate as Yen and Animal Kingdom‘s Ben Robson as Frankie.

With a core cast and concept now locked in place, the next major development surrounding The Continental should be a start date for production. In the meantime, though, Keanu Reeves will be back on our screens in May of next year with John Wick: Chapter 4, which is more than enough to scratch our collective itch for more of the assassin underworld.