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Jon Bernthal agrees with the most unnecessary scene in the history of ‘The Walking Dead’

Hilariously enough, it was one of the earliest scenes in the entire series.

Image via AMC Studios

For a whopping 11 seasons, The Walking Dead offered fans an ensemble-led post-apocalyptic horror that reignited the zombie genre greatly. While there were a ton of seriously gritty scenes, emotionally stirring moments, and wildly interesting characters, there were a couple unnecessary asides that fans can’t help but troll online, and there’s one scene that caught the attention of Jon Bernthal.

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The actor, who starred as Shane Walsh for the first two seasons of the hit series, quoted a tweet tagging one of his earlier interactions in the first run of episodes as “so unnecessary”. 

The scene, which features Bernthal’s Shane and Laurie Holden’s character Andrea engaging in a brief sexual romp in the former’s car has got several fans laughing their socks off at the sheer silliness of it all. 

The common query in the comments is that the scene offered absolutely zero attachment to the plot as a whole, nor did it serve to give us any insight to the characters; whether individually, or as a duo. The star clearly agrees with the hilarious and unexpected scene, simply adding a bunch of laughter emojis and giving the original tweet even more traction. His and Holden’s characters were short-lived though, as Andrea left the series after the third season.

Bernthal has continued his run of strong and fearless performances since parting ways with The Walking Dead as a main character in 2012. He’s since starred as the most recent live-action version of comic book antihero Frank Castle in Daredevil and The Punisher, with his most recent small screen credit coming as Julian Kaye in the Showtime crime drama, American Gigolo.