Jon Bernthal Teases The Punisher Season 2 With Cryptic Tweet


Things haven’t been going well for fans of the Marvel/Netflix shows since the third season of Daredevil aired. Sure, that was fantastic, but shortly after it arrived we got the cancellations of both Iron Fist and Luke Cageleaving the future of this corner of the MCU in doubt. At least we know that the already-filmed Punisher season 2 is on the way though, and it seems that its star, Jon Bernthal, is teasing that we could get some news about it soon.

The official Twitter account for the show posted a GIF of Frank Castle in a brutal brawl with his season 1 enemy Agent Orange. Bernthal then retweeted the post and added his own cryptic message: “Tick. Tock.”

Presumably, this is the actor teasing that some kind of announcement or promo about season 2 is on its way pretty soon. The most likely option would be both, as Netflix tend to reveal their show’s release dates at the end of a short teaser, so perhaps that will arrive before the month’s out? Or, maybe nothing’s imminent and Bernthal’s just reminding us that season 2’s arriving sometime next year?

Either way, The Punisher season 2 will follow on from where season 1 left off, with Ben Barnes’ Billy Russo returning to get revenge on his old friend turned enemy for shoving his face into a fairground mirror. Although, going by set photos, his face doesn’t seem as damaged as you might think by the whole thing. We don’t imagine that will dampen his quest for vengeance, however, and he’ll still become Frank’s nemesis Jigsaw like in the comics, just with less scars.

Producer Joe Quesada previously teased that season 2 will deliver exactly what viewers are after, and promised that Bernthal’s “a force of nature” as he returns to his fan favorite role. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what’s in store and hopefully this month will bring with it an announcement on when to expect The Punisher to return to the streaming service.