Is Jon Favreau About To Begin Production On His Live-Action Star Wars Series?


Between The Lion King, Star Wars and his executive producer role on Avengers 4, Jon Favreau is a man who knows how to multitask.

The first marquee project is a live-action retelling of the Disney classic, while Marvel’s untitled 2019 sequel needs no introduction. Sandwiched in between those two heavy-hitters, though, is the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series, which Favreau has agreed to write and direct for Lucasfilm.

It’ll span 10 episodes in total – for now, at least – with a $100M production budget (!), and based on Jon Favreau’s latest Twitter post, the writer-director is on the verge of firing up production on his top-secret Star Wars series.

Embedded below, the photo finds Favreau outside the famous Skywalker Ranch with Dave Filoni, the all-around Lucasfilm veteran whose credits include Rebels, The Clone Wars and the upcoming Resistance series that’s due for a premiere in October.

Much like Favreau’s TV series, Resistance takes place before The Force Awakens – six months, to be precise – though early story rumors suggest the live-action adventure from Jon Favreau is more concerned with the doomed world of Mandalore and how it struggles to cope in the wake of Jedi. Spoilers: the Rebel Alliance wins, and their near-impossible feat brings the Empire’s galactic reign screeching to a halt… until the First Order rises from the ashes.

Indeed, that pocket of space between Episodes III and IV has proven to be fertile ground for storytellers in the past, and the fact that Jon Favreau is posting pictures from Skywalker Ranch tells us that his project is on the cusp of a production start. Fall 2018 was said to be the tentative target, so it seems this Star Wars TV series is right on schedule.