Jon Favreau’s Star Wars TV Show Reportedly Eyeing Game Of Thrones Actor


Between The Lion KingStar Wars and his producing role on Avengers 4, Jon Favreau clearly knows how to multitask. That much is clear.

Currently, though, the filmmaker’s hard at work on the first ever live-action TV show set in that galaxy far, far away, which he’ll write and direct for Lucasfilm. From what we understand, it’ll be made up of 10 episodes, with a $100M production budget (!) and already, things have gotten underway. Set photos and videos have been pouring out over the last few days but one question still remains: who’ll star in the project?

Indeed, Lucasfilm has kept tight-lipped on who they might have their eye on, but according to the folks at Making Star Wars, the studio may be looking at a Game of Thrones actor for the lead role. Yes, the so-hot-right-now Pedro Pascal is apparently being considered to step in front of the camera, though exact details on who he’ll play haven’t been revealed yet.

Unfortunately, MSW doesn’t offer much else in their report aside from that, but rumor has it that Favreau’s series will focus on the Mandalorians, a warrior-like race much mentioned in the Legends continuity. If true, then this would also mean the show’s set quite a ways in the past, as the only remaining character with Mandalorian ancestry in the Original Trilogy is Boba Fett.

Whatever it ends up revolving around, Disney and Lucasfilm are clearly aiming high with the project, describing it as their Game of Thrones (no wonder they’re eyeing Pascal). And with Favreau in charge and a reportedly healthy budget in place, you can bet that they’ll cook up something special.

No word yet on when this Star Wars TV show is due to arrive, but presumably it’ll be here sometime in late 2019. As always, watch this space for more.