Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes Joins In On Captain Picard Day Celebrations


As any loyal Star Trek fan will know, June 16th is Captain Picard Day, a celebration of all things Jean-Luc. The idea came from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Pegasus,” wherein Captain Picard receives tributes from the children of the Enterprise.

Over the weekend, tons of fans took to Twitter to celebrate and actor Jonathan Frakes, who played Picard’s first officer Riker on the series, joined in on the fun as well with a video that anticipates his collaboration with Patrick Stewart on the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series.

Frakes wished “Trekkers, Trekkies and Picardians” a “happy Captain Picard’s Day” in a video from the official Star Trek Twitter page. The clip shows Picard being somewhat uncomfortable at the party for the Enterprise’s children, where Riker teases him about the various artworks created in his honour. Meanwhile, Deanna Troi tries to explain to Picard why the event is so special, leading to Picard having to awkwardly explain himself to Starfleet command.

Jonathan Frakes will be returning to the Star Trek franchise as a director on the new Picard series, having also contributed episodes to Star Trek: Discovery. There are also rumours that Frakes may reprise the role of Riker on the new show. While that remains to be confirmed, he has shown enthusiasm for reuniting with Patrick Stewart for Star Trek: Picard.

“Eighteen years later. I think the fans are going to be thrilled and excited and surprised. I have had the privilege of reading the first couple of episodes and I have spent some time with Patrick who is so engaged [laughs] Sorry. It’s wonderful. It’s smart. I’m excited about it. He is obviously more excited.”

Furthermore, Frakes talked about why directing on the show has brought him full circle to the Star Trek universe:

“It’s so ironic that I spent so many years trying to expand where I was working and I was lucky enough to get onto other types of shows. The directing has been a mitzvah for me—to learn another craft. And now I am deeply ensconced in the world I was in 31 years ago—and I’ve got to say—incredibly grateful for it, between The Orville, and Discovery and Picard. And hopefully the Empress Georgiou show.”

We’re certainly excited for Star Trek: Picard, which will likely pick up twenty years after Star Trek: Nemesis, putting Jean-Luc close to 100 as he begins another adventure. The focus of the series will reportedly deal with the aftermath of the destruction of Romulus and how it affects the captain, though plot details beyond that remain under lock and key. As soon as we learn more, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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