Watch: Judith Joins Daryl On A Dangerous Mission In Walking Dead Sneak Peek

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead reaches its penultimate episode of season 10 this weekend, but it’s also kind of its finale. You see, due to the global lockdown preventing the completion of post-production work, the actual concluding chapter has been indefinitely held off. While it will still air sometime later this year, episode 10×15 “The Tower” is serving as the endpoint of the run for now. And you can get a new look at it via the clip up above.

The minute-long video begins with Judith taking care of a walker in the woods. Daryl approaches and asks the girl what she’s doing out here on her own. He tries to take her back to the safehouse, but she pleads with him to let her stay. There are a couple of reasons why she doesn’t want to go back there and wait. For one, it smells like cat pee and also because she wants to learn what Daryl does and do her bit to help out.

Despite being the adult, Daryl can’t refuse the spirited kid her wish to help, so he lays down the ground rules. “I walk the perimeter, I look for anything that looks wrong. If I find something, I go somewhere safe and I radio it in,” he explains, before warning her: “There’s no room for mistakes, not right now.” Judith tells him she understands. He makes her promise to do everything he says and off goes Rick and Michonne’s daughter and her Uncle Daryl.

We’ll likely be seeing more of this duo’s sweet dynamic going forward, too, as Michonne left the show for good a couple of episodes ago, leaving Judith in Daryl’s care as she goes on a cross-country mission to track down “The Brave Man,” who they’ve just discovered is alive. Hopefully Judith’s going to impart this big news to Daryl this week.

For more, check out the synopsis for “The Tower” below:

“The communities prepare for the final battle of the Whisperer War. Meanwhile, Eugene’s group encounters Princess.”

And make sure to catch the last episode of The Walking Dead for a while this Sunday on AMC.