Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS]


The reactions to Netflix’s new superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy continue to be mixed, but it’s nonetheless shaping up to be a significant success for the platform, which is good news for both the streamer and Millarworld after it took almost four years for the first of the company’s comic book adaptations to arrive following a $31 million deal that was closed in the summer of 2017.

Mark Millar’s sprawling saga of superpowered generational conflict has been lodged at the very top of the most-watched list since debuting on Friday, and the creator already knows where things could head during season 2. Jupiter’s Legacy is by no means perfect, but if showrunner Steven S. DeKnight can iron out some of the kinks that plagued the first eight episodes, then Netflix may be on to a real winner.


It’s unclear how close to the source material the live-action version of Jupiter’s Legacy will stick moving forward, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us The Witcher was getting a prequel spinoff long before Blood Origin was confirmed – that Josh Duhamel’s Sheldon Sampson won’t be making it out of season 2 alive.

The finale definitely pointed in that direction following the big reveal that scheming brother Walter Sampson had been pulling the strings behind the bad guys all along, which was admittedly pretty obvious from the very beginning. Walt is clearly looking to position Sheldon’s son Brandon against his father by chipping away at his insecurities and the levels of expectation that surround him, which will presumably culminate in a titanic Jupiter’s Legacy showdown between Brainwave, The Utopian and Paragon that’ll test the physical and moral limits of the characters to their very extremes.