Here’s How Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne Could Look In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Kevin Conroy Batman

After nearly 30 years of voicing the hero in TV shows, animated movies and video games, Kevin Conroy will finally play Batman in live-action in this fall’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Arrowverse crossover. It’s been confirmed that Conroy will drop by as an older Bruce Wayne in the event and that’s just about all we officially know at the moment.

However, we now have an idea of how the actor might look in character. Instagram artist SPDRMNKYXXIII has created this awesome piece of fan art – seen in the gallery down below – that imagines Conroy’s mature Dark Knight as the Batman Beyond version. With silver hair and a cane, Ace the Bat-Hound by his side and a suit inspired by Terry McGinnis’ costume behind him, this is a pitch-perfect recreation of the classic animated show which Conroy famously featured in.

WGTC has previously reported on what we’ve heard from our source about Conroy’s cameo in “Crisis.” From what we were told, it’s likely that he’s playing the Kingdom Come Batman alongside Brandon Routh, who’s confirmed to be portraying the KC Superman. There will also be a second Batman, played by an unknown actor, who will suit up in the cape and cowl.

We haven’t heard anything about Batman Beyond potentially being adapted, but there’s nothing saying it won’t happen. That aforementioned second Caped Crusader could well turn out to be the McGinnis version as it really does seem like The CW is pulling out all the stops in making sure this is the DC crossover to end all crossovers.

Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim has also opened up to reveal that alongside Conroy and other legacy guest stars like Burt Ward, they’re trying to get some of the Smallville cast as well as Lynda Carter back as Wonder Woman. Fingers crossed negotiations go well on these fronts. But if they don’t, at least there will be plenty of other treats in store in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”