Kevin Costner wins first Golden Globe for ‘Yellowstone’

Image via Paramount

Kevin Costner is John Dutton in Paramount’s number-one series, Yellowstone, and he’s now a Golden Globe winner for his role as the patriarch, land owner, and Governor of Montana.

That’s right, after receiving his first nomination for his work on Yellowstone, Costner took home the Golden Globe in the Best Actor category, in what marks his third win overall after previously scooping Best Director – Motion Picture for Dances With Wolves, and Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film in Hatfields & McCoys. Also nominated were the highly talented Jeff Bridges (The Old Man), Diego Luna (Andor), Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), and Adam Scott (Severance).

While all the actors in their respective categories were incredible, this feels like Costner’s year to win the award. In fact, many would argue that it’s felt like his year since Yellowstone premiered in 2018. While he couldn’t be there in person to accept the award, he did share the reason for his absence.

With the high stakes, heavy action, and hot romance, Yellowstone grips you from the very beginning and takes you on a roller coaster ride led by Costner’s character, and as we see the world around him as it thrives and seemingly goes up in smoke, we also see versions of a man who is both going through the motions and clinging desperately to the idea of being so alive, it’s almost frightening.

As John Dutton, Costner makes audiences believe in a family worth fighting for and helps them understand a way of life so many often believe only existed “back when” or in westerns. He truly is an actor who has stepped away from himself and become John Dutton for the sake of Yellowstone, and it’s about time he got some recognition for it.

Costner penned an emotional Instagram post when he received news of his Golden Globe nomination, and rightfully so. His work on Yellowstone is next-level as he crafts the story of John Dutton and the struggle he faces as he fights for his family, its namesake, and the land that makes up the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

“It has been enormously gratifying and humbling that audiences have embraced the show and its’ characters the way that they have over the past five years. To be recognized for this performance is the cherry on top, and I share this nomination with everyone who contributed to the show, especially my fellow castmates, the producers, and the crew.”

Since the beginning origins of the Dutton family’s story in 2018, fans have been calling on award shows to honor the series, and with this big nod to the talent on display at the ranch, we’re looking forward to seeing more of it soon.

Here’s to Kevin Costner, John Dutton, and the Yellowstone cinematic universe. It’s a wild ride and we love every moment of it!