Kevin Feige Offers Status Update On Loki Season 2


So far, Loki is the only one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus exclusives to have been renewed for a second batch of episodes, but it definitely won’t be the last. On paper, you could easily imagine titles such as Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel and Ironheart running for multiple seasons, whereas the likes of Secret Invasion and Armor Wars give off a distinct one-and-done vibe.

The good news for fans everywhere came when the credits of Loki‘s sixth and final chapter confirmed Tom Hiddleston’s trickster would be back on the small screen, but the bad news is that the show is seeking a new director after Kate Herron admitted that she’d always planned to stick around for Season 1 and then move onto pastures new. As the Marvel Studios Assembled docuseries showed, Herron was integral to the development and creation of the project, so Kevin Feige will need to take his time in finding a suitable successor.

In a new interview, the architect of the MCU offered a brief status update on Season 2, and while he kept things close to the chest as always, the opacity of his comments make it sound as though Loki may not be returning for a little while yet.

“It is underway. We’re developing it as we speak. The hope is that much of the same team will return. Kate is going on to bigger and better things, so the director search will begin shortly.”

Looking at the Disney Plus schedule, should Ms. Marvel get pushed back to 2022 as has been rumored, then we could be talking five shows on an annual basis. That would place Iman Vellani’s debut as Kamala Khan, Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Secret Invasion on the calendar for next year, leaving potentially one or two out of Ironheart, Armor Wars, the Wakanda spinoff or Loki Season 2 to fill the final slot, and at least two of those aforementioned efforts are much further along the development and scripting process.