Kevin Smith And A Mysterious Figure Have Been Spotted On The Set Of The Flash


Needless to say, The Flash has no intention of slowing down once it’s able to place the upcoming crossover with Supergirl in its rearview mirror. Of course, we won’t know specific details until the network releases official synopses of episodes two or three weeks prior to their airing, but a few recent photos from the set have provided some very intriguing teasers.

In the first couple of shots captured by the NorthHollywood.Buzz Twitter feed, we see the Flash side by side with a mysterious white-haired figure, whom many fans believe to be Max Mercury. Should this prove true, it would only add to the series’ growing population of speedsters. And, for those of you who enjoy interesting bits of trivia, Mercury once operated under the moniker of “Quicksilver,” but that was later discarded as to avoid disputes with Marvel.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to tell exactly what’s going on in the second shot. Either the man in question is shielding Barry Allen from a blast or is in the process of administering a devastating Rock Bottom on the hood of a vehicle. Either way, appearances by Kid Flash and a Cisco Ramon proudly sporting his Vibe costume are confirmed.

As for the picture of Kevin Smith, I’m not quite ready to jump to the conclusion that he’s directing this episode. Yes, he’s helmed two already, but let’s not forget that he’s set to direct another episode of Supergirl airing later this season and it’s highly plausible he’s currently filming that in Vancouver, where both series have set up shop. My best guess is that he’s stopping by to say hello to some of his buddies, but only time will tell.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.