Kevin Smith Wants To Direct An Episode Of Batwoman For The CW


Say what you will about Kevin Smith, but the man knows his comic books.

In recent years, the writer-director has even brought that passion to The CW’s Arrowverse, where he’s helmed multiple episodes of Supergirl and a single installment of The Flash. Alas, Smith has naturally decided to take things easy after suffering a massive heart attack back in February, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s finished with superhero TV entirely.

Case in point: MTV caught up with Kevin Smith during San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend (h/t, where the filmmaker and all-around industry legend discussed his recovery along with the possibility of one day helming an episode(s) of Batwoman for The CW.

He’s still in close contact with Greg Berlanti, executive producer on the show, so it’s not exactly out of the question, as Smith explains:

Last time I texted Greg [Berlanti] was from the hospital the night I had the heart attack and stuff ’cause a lot of people were sending text and emails going ‘are you okay?’ and he sent one and I wrote back ‘I’m fine! I’m doing notes on my Flash episode right now’ cause I was sitting there watching Flash and taking down like cut notes and stuff and he’s like ‘bro, you don’t even do the heart attack right. You’re supposed to enjoy it and stuff’ so I would, I would totally reach out to him.

He continued:

Greg Berlanti will not fucking stop making these amazing comic book TV shows. Yeah, I owe him a great debt of thanks, because he put those shows together with his creative teams and whatnot and their casts, and they have allowed me those shows – and Greg and his team and himself – have allowed me to go into a world that I never really had much of an interest in going into.

Headed up by the openly gay crime-fighter Kate Kane, Batwoman has set Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) to write and executive produce what will be the first live-action superhero property to feature a lesbian character in the title role. But first comes The CW’s latest Arrowverse crossover, which is shaping up to be one for the ages.