Kevin Smith teases new characters in ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ season 2

Masters of the Universe: Revelations

The first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation is now complete, following the release of the second batch of five episodes last week. Netflix’s mature sequel to the original 1980s He-Man cartoon turned out to be a lot more controversial than expected, due to hardcore fans blasting the decision to sideline Prince Adam (Chris Wood) and focus on Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

Part 2 somewhat counteracted these criticisms somewhat, delivering more of what long-time fans were after, including some epic battles between He-Man and a souped-up Skeletor (Mark Hamill). And we can apparently expect even more fan-pleasing treats to come in season 2. In an interview with Thrillist, showrunner Kevin Smith was asked whether characters like Mekaneck, Granamyr, and Zodak could enter the scene next time around. Here’s how Smith responded:

“You literally just mentioned two names we tried to shoehorn into our story,” Smith revealed. “If we get to do a Season 2, be assured you will probably be seeing those cats. But we tried. We were like, “All right, what if we did this?” But it turned out we were like, “If we get to do a Season 2, based on what we seeded in Season 1, Mekaneck will be a very useful character there.” And same thing with Granamyr as well. But it’s an embarrassment of riches with Masters of the Universe because the bench is so deep. I’m sure by the end of Revelation, there will be people who are mad at us, not because of anything we did the story, but because we didn’t include their favorite figure.”

Revelation managed to squeeze in many characters from not just the OG animated series but other iterations of the franchise and, of course, the toy line. For instance, the likes of Fisto, Clamp Champ and Ram Man all made memorable cameos in season 1, part 2. What’s more, the finale ended with a major hint that one of the most notable villains in the Masters universe will make themselves known in season 2. Spoilers incoming:

It’s She-Ra’s nemesis, Lord Hordak. This obviously teases that Adam’s twin sister Adora could be showing up, too.

While that’s a bit of a long shot, though, considering the rights to the Princess of Power rest elsewhere — Amazon is working on a live-action She-Ra project, remember — at least Smith has promised us that Adam’s ally Mekaneck and Granamyr, lord of the dragons, will be making themselves known in season 2. Not that we know much about season 2 at this stage as Netflix has yet to officially announce it, let alone tell us when to expect it to arrive.

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