Kid Flash Confirmed To Return To The Flash This Season After Crisis


He won’t be back in time to appear in the final two episodes of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but Wally West is definitely returning to The Flash in the second half of season 6.

Showrunner Eric Wallace broke the news to TV Insider, teasing that Wally will be a changed man when we see him again and that Barry Allen will need his former sidekick back by his side to face a “familiar” threat with a “new face.”

”After working on his inner life in Tibet, Wally West, aka Kid Flash, is back to help Team Flash against a familiar threat… but one with a very new face!… As always, it’s a real treat having our Flash family member Keiynan Lonsdale back to play the youthful speedster, but what’s different this time [is that] Wally has grown, along with his speedster abilities, too.”

Lonsdale first joined the cast back in season 2, when it was revealed that Iris had a long lost brother. Wally gained his powers at the end of that run and stuck around as a savior of Central City until season 4. He then hopped over to Legends of Tomorrow and remained aboard the Waverider for the back half of that show’s third season. As Wallace reminds us, he last cameo’d in The Flash‘s season 5 premiere, which revealed he was spending time in Tibet.

Wally is expected to drop by the Scarlet Speedster’s neck of the woods again from episode 14 of season 6, so that’s a few outings into the second half of the run. While this is great news, some fans might be miffed that he won’t be showing up in the “Crisis” crossover. If you find yourself in that camp, you’ll want to check out the tie-in comics coming in January, which will feature characters that didn’t make it into the TV event – including Kid Flash.

The Flash returns to The CW on February 4th. Before that, though, you can catch Barry Allen help save the multiverse as “Crisis on Infinite Earths” concludes on January 14th.

Source: TV Insider