Former Arrowverse Characters Will Appear In Crisis On Infinite Earths Comics


Crisis On Infinite Earths” is only a day away, seeing the worlds of the Arrowverse collide in the biggest and most ambitious crossover yet. Despite the scope of events already planned, the stories playing out beneath the red sky won’t be limited to just what we see on TV, but will also be extended to comics.

It’s an appropriate move to have tales take place within the four-color realm, since “Crisis” itself originated in such a medium. Even more than that, both 100-page issues of the comics will be co-written by Marv Wolfman, who penned the original 12-part series that the crossover has taken as its inspiration, and will feature stories revolving around four Arrowverse characters, largely not part of the litany already confirmed to appear.

To begin with, Arrow‘s Felicity has been sorely missed, due to Emily Bett Rickards declining to reprise the role for the truncated final season to instead get a jump on moving her career forwards ahead of its conclusion. We’ll probably see what happened to her after she stepped through the portal with the Monitor at the tail end of season 7 though, and how this will tie into her return in the series finale.

Nyssa al Ghul, meanwhile, was an important recurring character throughout Arrow as well as being one of its more interesting ones, but was unable to be featured in Crisis due to Katrina Law’s schedule filming Hawaii Five-0, so her comic adventures will give us a little more time with her before the show’s conclusion.

Legends of Tomorrow’s Ray, on the other hand, will be leaving the show during its upcoming fifth season, so this will allow us to get a little more of the technological genius reduced to comic relief before his ultimate departure.

Finally, for some reason, we have Wally West, aka Kid Flash, who’s best known for being written out of first season of The Flash and later Legends of Tomorrow when it was apparent the writers of both shows had no real idea what to do with him, something it can only be assumed will be rectified in the pages of the comic.

It’s occasionally explored in the TV shows that their events often disregard the fallout and collateral of their battles between heroes and villains, so having this acknowledgment that there is a wider world beyond that perceived by the eternal missions of the series protagonists should provide a satisfying supplemental experience for fans.