‘Kingsman’ director reveals he’s shot the pilot for an R-rated quiz show

Image via 20th Century Studios

Matthew Vaughn has never been one to take the easy route to creative fulfillment since first stepping behind the camera to make his directorial debut on 2004’s Daniel Craig crime thriller Layer Cake.

He followed it up with the sprawling fantasy Stardust, which drew strong reviews from critics and became an instant cult classic, despite under-performing at the box office. After that, he adapted Kick-Ass as an irreverent R-rated comic book actioner, and then completed blockbuster sequel X-Men: First Class from start to finish in less than a year.

Now he finds himself deeply embedded in the Kingsman franchise, with the prequel arriving next week and the sequel with Taron Edgerton shooting next year, while Apple’s Argylle is poised to launch a massive spy series for the streamer. The filmmaker is far from predictable, but it still comes as a surprise to discover he’s developing what he believes is the first R-rated quiz show ever, as he revealed during a press conference for The King’s Man via Collider.

“And we’re making a TV…reinvented the quiz show, believe it or not. We just shot the pilot last week. I’m gonna do the first R-rated quiz show. I can’t say much about it. But I’m watching the edit later on today.”

There’s no other details provided beyond that, but the mere prospect of someone like Vaughn taking such a well-worn format and putting his own spin on it is reason enough to get excited about his adult-skewing quiz show, whatever form it ultimately ends up taking.