Krypto The Superdog Steals The Show On Titans Season 2 Poster


Superman’s lovable super-powered canine Krypto is the star of a new poster for Titans season 2. The one-sheet is part of a wave of new material from DC Universe released in advance of the streaming service’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. For our money, the poster has a definite Stranger Things vibe to it, with gorgeously rendered depictions of the crew.

Fans of Titans season 1 saw Krypto make his first appearance in episode 1×11, albeit in a post-credits scene introducing Superboy to the series. The role that Krypto will play in the new season of the show is unknown, although the dog will likely provide a softer side to the gritty heroics. The Superdog’s appearance is the latest of many intriguing hints of what to expect from Titans season 2 as well, with Bruce Wayne, Deathstroke, and Aqualad all on the way, too.

For those not familiar with Krypto, he made his debut in the pages of Superboy as another refugee from Krypton. As well as backing up the different incarnations of Kal-El as a creature with solar-enhanced powers, Krypto also ventured into space for numerous adventures. Furthermore, the canine has a long history of on-screen appearances, from 1960s series The Adventures of Superboy to the DC animated universe (including his own series), as well as Smallville.

I’m sure you agree with us that Krypto will be a welcome addition to Titans as it gears up for its second outing, whether it airs on the troubled DC Universe or not. We should see the show return in late 2019 or early 2020, but do keep an eye on our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con from July 20th for the latest buzz on new and returning shows from the DC Universe panels.