Krysten Ritter Likes Tweet About Jessica Jones Potentially Returning To The MCU

Jessica Jones

If you were to believe everything you read, then Krysten Ritter had signed a brand new contract with Marvel Studios to reprise her role from Netflix’s acclaimed Jessica Jones a long time ago. Of course, that isn’t the case despite the reams of speculation linking all of the former streaming residents with a return to Kevin Feige’s all-conquering franchise, but it’s certainly not off the table by any means.

Feige confirmed just yesterday that there’s always the possibility of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Punisher returning to the fold as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day, and with the notably unfortunate exception of Finn Jones’ Danny Rand, the fans would be more than thrilled to have the same stars play the Defenders.

There are already fourteen TV shows in the works for Disney Plus set in and around the MCU, but they’re all due to debut before the end of 2023, so Marvel are always going to be on the hunt for new content. And not long after the news broke that Jessica Jones could return to our screens in the future, Krysten Ritter liked the story, which you can see below.

That’s hardly a confirmation that the hard-drinking private investigator is ready to throw her leather jacket on once more, but it does at least signal that she’s keeping up to date with what Jessica Jones as a property has been doing. She-Hulk‘s been mentioned as a potential destination for Ritter’s grand re-entry to the fray, which would definitely make sense from a narrative perspective, but as always, Feige is giving long answers to burning questions without confirming or denying a single thing.