Latest Arrow Episode Revealed How Felicity Dies In The Future


In addition to fans wondering when Oliver Queen will escape from prison and just who is the new Emerald Archer, Arrow viewers have also been entertained by some highly intriguing flash forwards this season. In them, Roy Harper and a grownup William have met up with Dinah Drake and Zoe Ramirez twenty years into the future, thus making us all ponder how the blanks will be filled in.

Well, this past Monday during “Due Process,” it was revealed just how Felicity Smoak meets her end. As it turns out, she was murdered after getting in too deep with the criminal element, a revelation that should come as a shock to longtime fans. Furthermore, she even takes on her father’s moniker of “the Calculator” at some point down the line.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see Felicity going down a darker path due to how much she’s changed in present day scenes this season. Then again, we can’t ignore the possibility of her being forced to go deep undercover in 2038.

If there’s any downside to this, at least in my view, it’s that Felicity is now guaranteed as being bulletproof for the remainder of the series. In other words, viewers will never feel like she’s in any real danger, whether it be presented by Ricardo Diaz or someone else.

Of course, with no body being presented, we can’t truly guarantee that she’s dead. In fact, actress Juliana Harkavy recently said as much (per

“I actually really can’t answer that — like, I don’t know the answer. But, I think Felicity has set a path in just the work that she’s done, so that leaves a lot of room for us to explore where she’s gone on that path.”

For the time being, all we can really do is keep watching Arrow on Monday nights on The CW in order to see how the saga unfolds.

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