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Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ News: Fans think Otto doesn’t hold a candle to Tywin Lannister as internet crybabies sign petition to remove ‘House’ head writer

And the top 10 questions we have following the 'House' finale.

Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower in HBO's 'House of the Dragon'
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Aemond One-Eye is getting a lot of flak these days for supposedly kickstarting the Dance of Dragons, but if we look at it from an objective standpoint, House of the Dragon clearly establishes Otto Hightower as the ultimate mastermind behind this mess. And yet, if you were to ask the fandom, they’d say that the current Hand of the King has nothing on Tywin Lannister when it comes to cunning plans.

As we try to answer your most burning questions now that the first season of the Game of Thrones prequel show has come to a close, parts of the fandom are calling for Sara Hess’ removal from the writing team for a very ignominiously stupid reason.

Tywin Lannister is still everyone’s top pick in the Seven Kingdom roster of corrupt politicians

Tywin Lannister vs Otto Hightower
Credit: @houseofdragontv / Twitter / HBO

The overt parallels between Otto Hightower and Tywin Lannister have led to the fandom constantly pitting one against the other in terms of how villainous and cunning they are. Right now, we’re only at the beginning of Otto’s journey in the Dance of Dragons, and there’s no telling what the character is actually going to do next, but the consensus seems to favor his rival come hell or high water. In fact, as far as Game of Thrones fans see it, Otto doesn’t hold a candle to Tywin and his sinister machinations if it comes down to it.

Here are the 10 important questions we have after the first ‘House of the Dragon’ season

Daemon Targaryen
Photo via HBO

As is always the case with these multi-season shows, especially when they’re planned in advance, the first season of House left a lot of questions unanswered. Was Lucerys really killed accidentally? How did Rhaenyra and Daemon learn about his death? What will Mysaria do next? Will we see more of Vermithor in future seasons? And most importantly, will there be any more time jumps? We try to answer all of these and more in this article, so make sure to check it out if you’re just as confused as we are over certain plot developments in those last two episodes.

The dark side of the internet strikes again: ‘House’ fans petition to remove Sara Hess from the writing team

Rhaenys Targaryen Won House of the Dragons Episode Nine
Image via HBO Max

Most of us have grown used to seeing all sorts of people in online fandoms, and that almost always includes toxic folks who can work up quite a commotion if they put their minds to it. For House of the Dragon, that vocal minority is going after Sara Hess, the scriptwriter best known for her work on Orange is the New Black, who has also contributed to the writing effort for HBO’s prequel series. Now that House has become as successful as it is, some viewers think the producers should chisel away the deadwood now, lest they succumb to the same fate that befell Game of Thrones.

The petition to remove Hess has already garnered three thousand signatures, but we’re pretty sure HBO isn’t just going to terminate a contract with a pretty competent writer just because some people have logical issues with Rhaenys not burning the entire Green roster to a crisp in episode 9.

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