New Details On Batman Prequel Series Pennyworth Surface


When everyone had a laugh over Teen Titans Go! To The Movies making a joke about butler extraordinaire Alfred getting a film of his own, the folks over at Epix apparently thought such a notion would make for some damn good television. As it turns out, they’re going ahead with a 10-episode series known as Pennyworthwhich will likely debut later in 2019.

Truth be told, there actually is a lot of potential to be tapped here, as people can often forget about how the Dark Knight’s surrogate father was military intelligence in his younger days. Though this has been an aspect to the character for some time, it wasn’t until the graphic novel Batman: Earth One that the door was opened for a more rough-and-tumble Alfred in other media, namely in movies such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, not to mention TV series like Gotham and Beware the Batman. Speaking of which, don’t expect for Gotham‘s Sean Pertwee to reprise his role in this instance.

Similarly, Pennyworth will take us back to when the eponymous gentleman’s gentleman was in his mid-20’s, as he tries to reconcile his former innocence with the killer he’s become as an adult. As one would imagine, Thomas Wayne will factor heavily into his path to personal redemption, with That Hashtag Show informing us of the following details:

“Alfred’s future is, of course, inextricably tied to the Waynes and Bruce’s father, Thomas, will play a major role in the series. Alfred will find himself allied with Thomas through his work for a private security company when Thomas arrives in London in search of his sister, Patricia.. The two will be contemporaries, and the 20-something Wayne is said to be intelligent, deeply moral and idealistic, characteristics that Alfred will come to instill in Thomas’s orphaned son.”

When it comes to the subject of conflict, though, that’s where things get really interesting, for the outlet also had this to offer:

“The series will see Alfred, Thomas and two of Alfred’s closest friends, Trinidadian Marcus Bazza’ Barrington and Scotsman Wallace ‘Dave Boy’ MacDuff, take on the villainous Raven Society. Led by the mysterious Lord Hardwood and his sadistic henchwoman, Bet Sykes, the Raven Society will find themselves in what sounds like a season long game of cat-and-mouse with our heroes after Sykes abducts a dancer by the name of Esme Whitaker. The heroes will battle Hardwood and the corrupt London police force in an effort to rescue Whitaker and will have to come to trust one another to do so, setting the table for one of comics’ greatest relationships.”

Tell us, do you think there’s room for yet another Batman prequel show? Or will you take a hard pass on Pennyworth? Let us know in the usual place below!