Latest Round Of Game Of Thrones Set Photos Tease A Dance With Dragons


As HBO upholds its radio silence, most, if not all of the recent Game of Thrones season 7 tidbits have come from Maisie Williams, the actress who so brilliantly portrays the fierce and indeed fearless Arya Stark on HBO’s fantasy flagship. In the past few weeks alone, Williams has teased Arya’s arc, along with this year’s grand finale, but today GOT sleuths Watchers on the Wall have unearthed a pair of photos that appear to tease a dance with dragons.

First spotted by Twitter user Kevin Patterson, these snaps were taken just beside the Game of Thrones production lot in Belfast, where the cavernous Titanic Studios serves as a hub for many of the show’s interior shots. Under the shadow of the city’s Harland and Wolff cranes, Patterson was able to capture a photo of the crew preparing for a scene involving horses, smoke and Dothraki weapons.

It’s by no means an official confirmation, but it strongly suggests that Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons – or Drogon, at the very least – are present. There’s also the huge VFX prop of what is surely a dragon’s skull, replete with footholds for Emilia Clarke’s would-be Queen of Westeros to clamber up.

Per Twitter:

The end is nigh, folks; Game of Thrones will roll out its penultimate seventh season this year before HBO’s decorated drama bows off the airwaves for good in 2018.