Lauren Cohan Officially Returning To The Walking Dead In Season 10


Unlike Andrew Lincoln, who’s already made it pretty clear that he’s never coming back to the TV show – which makes sense as he’s got his own movie trilogy to deal with now – Lauren Cohan’s exit in season 9 didn’t exactly preclude her from ever showing up again on The Walking Dead as Maggie. In fact, the actress has remained confident in the time since her departure that there’s more to come from her character. Not to mention that we’ve heard many times now from the network that the plan is to get her back on board at some point and it looks like that plan has now worked out.

Earlier today at New York Comic-Con, AMC announced that Cohan will indeed return as Maggie in the upcoming season, but stopped short of revealing how she’ll factor into the story and how much of her we’ll get to see. Still, just knowing that she’ll definitely be back in some capacity is hugely exciting and is yet another reason to look forward to what’s sure to be a monumental run for the show.

As mentioned above, Maggie’s exit was pretty open-ended, with the significant time jump following Rick’s departure allowing for her own disappearance to be easily explained away – apparently, she’s helping Georgie out with forming a new community elsewhere. With that in mind, perhaps it’s not too surprising then that she’ll be returning at some point this season.

There’s also the fact that Cohan’s new show Whiskey Cavalier was recently cancelled, so it’s not like she’s too busy to hop back over to The Walking Dead for a bit. Then again, we still don’t know how heavily she’ll factor into this new run. It could just be a guest spot, after all. But whatever it is that the producers have planned for her, fans can rest easy knowing they haven’t seen the last of Maggie.