Lauren Cohan Teases Spinoff For Maggie After The Walking Dead Ends


The Walking Dead is now headed towards the finish line, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end for the whole franchise. Far from it, in fact, as AMC’s plans to expand the TWD brand in bold new ways will only ramp up after the parent series concludes in 2022. Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will lead their own follow-up show based around Daryl and Carol, there’s an anthology series titled Tales of the Walking Dead in the works and there’s no doubt many more projects that we’ve yet to hear about. Like a spinoff for Maggie, perhaps.

It seems highly plausible, seeing as actress Lauren Cohan has herself revealed that there are talks about such a thing happening behind the scenes. While speaking to EW, Cohan – who just returned to the TWD universe in the recent season 1o finale – admitted that there have been “murmurings” about her character getting her own vehicle, saying:

“I know that there are murmurings of an extended story with Maggie when the official mothership is done.”

Maggie was written out of the show off screen following the six-year time jump in season 9, with the fan favorite being said to have left to help set up a new community elsewhere. In the season 10 finale, she returned to help out her friends after hearing about the threat of the Whisperers. Moving forward, then, there’s much that we have to learn in regards to what she’s been up to in the time since we last saw her.

Of course, We Got This Covered reported back in April that AMC were in the early stages of developing a limited series for Cohan as Maggie, a prequel exploring what she got up to during the time jump. Remember, many upcoming spinoffs will have limited runs, like the two-season plan for World Beyond, to allow for a greater variety of projects coming out. And it would make a lot of sense for a Maggie series to be one of them.

The Walking Dead is now back in production on its next batch of episodes which will air in early 2021.