Legends Of Tomorrow Casting A Recurring Wolf Creature For Season 4


Knowing how insane Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season was, I can only imagine what lies ahead this fall. Don’t forget, when we last saw the Waverider crew, they managed to conjure up a giant version of Beebo (a talking stuffed animal) that delivered the deathblow to the demonic Mallus.

As it turned out, the big bad’s defeat opened the door for more mythical creatures, but it appears as though not all will be of the diabolical persuasion. In fact, at least one is likely to ally themselves with Sara Lance, John Constantine and the rest of the gang.

According to the folks at That Hashtag Show, the producers are looking to cast a “Wolf Creature,” with the call sent out aiming to attract a male or female in their late 20-40s of any ethnicity for what’s said to be a recurring role. You know, that’s some wide open criteria, and it almost sounds like anyone who shows up to the auditions and is able to recite back the lines has a real shot at landing this gig.

It’s also worth noting that this customer is “a massively strong and formidable athlete,” with the actor who’s presumably hired desired to be the opposite. If you were to ask me, it sounds like we have a do-gooder werewolf on our hands. Not only that, but they may be a series regular in a potential fifth season if all pans out well.

Here’s a little more of what the outlet has uncovered:

“This alter ego is always looking for a fight and cruising for a bruising, in the Legends’ best interest. Despite its intelligent, the Wolf Creature tends to look at things through black and white while also lacking social skills. His/her relationship with the Legends will be quite an uneasy one. The Wolf Creature tends to be loyal to those that they consider their tribe. They can also be impulsive and act quite selfishly from time to time, but that’s because of their natural animal instincts. They transform into this Wolf Creature when they are angry or experiencing emotional pain or turmoil.”

Right now, it’s being assumed this is an original character, and I see no reason to think otherwise. Being familiar with DC history, I can’t help recalling the classic Batman tale, “Moon of the Wolf,” though I doubt that has anything to do with this.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on Monday, October 22 on The CW.