Legends Of Tomorrow EP Still Wants Swamp Thing In The Arrowverse

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Ever since Swamp Thing was cancelled after just one season, fans have been hoping that the DC Universe show will find new life elsewhere. We got halfway to achieving this wish when news arrived earlier this month that The CW was picking up the rights to air the show’s 10-episode debut run this fall. Given that the network is also home to the ever-growing Arrowverse, though, it feels like there’s a chance that The CW could save Swampie and bring him back somewhere in the shared universe. Like Legends of Tomorrowfor instance.

Swampie and John Constantine go way back in the comic books, after all, and while speaking to CBR, Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim revealed that he has a huge wish to see these characters together on the small screen. He’s optimistic, then, but the producer did make clear that there are still many complications preventing such a crossover from going ahead.

“Oh, good question. I mean, look, I tried very, very hard to get Swamp Thing in Crisis on Infinite Earths,” Guggenheim told the site. “Because when you’ve got Constantine, to not have a crossover with Swamp Thing, it’s just a shame, a wasted opportunity,” he said. “I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, in large part because whether The CW has the broadcast rights to Swamp Thing or not, it doesn’t really impact the various reasons why Swamp Thing wasn’t in Crisis. My attitude is always hope springs eternal.”

Swamp Thing was infamously cancelled after only its pilot episode had aired, with Warner Bros. prematurely pulling the plug on it over fears it was going to flop and production issues caused by increased taxes for filming in Louisiana. Since then, a J.J. Abrams-produced Justice League Dark show has been announced for HBO Max. Given the team’s traditional line-up, Swamp Thing will no doubt be involved. That’s good news for DC lovers, then, though it may stop The CW from also working with him.

On the other hand, Constantine should be in JLD, too, so we likely will get a team-up between these two – it just probably won’t be Derek Mears and Matt Ryan’s versions.