Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Is Coming To Netflix Sooner Than Expected

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow was met with a mixed response. While it certainly didn’t make for unenjoyable viewing, it was clear the show struggled to find its footing with the villainous Vandal Savage proving to be fairly problematic and tonal issues often leaving the series feeling like it was all over the place.

Season 2 was leaps and bounds ahead of what came before, however, with the mystery surrounding Savage’s disappearance, Reverse-Flash’s Legion of Doom, and new additions to the team like Steel and Vixen all proving to be definite highlights. If for some reason, you didn’t watch it when it aired on The CW though, you’ll be glad to know that catching up is now easier than ever.

Caity Lotz has confirmed that season 2 is already on Netflix, which is a surprise considering the fact it wrapped up just last week. That’s pretty quick, but the network actually made a deal with the online streaming service to bring their shows to Netflix some time ago, so it’s a good way to keep fans and newcomers to the Arrowverse alike happy.

It’s already been confirmed that Legends of Tomorrow will return for a third season, but no plot details have been revealed as of yet. We can expect those to arrive at Comic-Con based on past experience though, so be sure to stay tuned.

Guess what guys? No, there's no new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow tonight, BUT season 2 will drop on Netflix at…

Posted by Caity Lotz on Tuesday, April 11, 2017