Legends Of Tomorrow’s Vixen Says Season 3 Feels “Like A New Show”


While Legends of Tomorrow has had its core characters in the form of White Canary, the Atom, Firestorm and Heat Wave, there have been those who have come through the door and brought something different to the table. Most notably, season 1 prominently featured Hawkman and Hawkgirl, but upon their exit, they were replaced by Vixen and Citizen Steel at the beginning of the show’s sophomore run.

Oddly enough, this Vixen wasn’t the same one that we got to know via Arrow and the animated web series, but rather, Mari McCabe’s grandmother, Amaya (don’t forget this is a time traveling show). Actually, this had everything to do with original actress Megalyn EK not being available, so rather than recast, the producers decided to broaden the Vixen mythology by bringing in Maisie Richardson-Sellers, thus leaving the door open for Megalyn’s return.

Still, Amaya has become one of the more prominent heroes to make up the Waverider crew since her introduction, so it’s really no surprise that she’s coming back in season 3. When speaking with Bleeding Cool regarding the next batch of fresh episodes, Richardson-Sellers touched on how the series will be kept exciting:

“We go to some really fun time periods and see some really cool historical figures and characters from folklore and world renown from our history. And we’ve got a team of new supervillains that are really exciting. The playful edginess gets amplified, it’s fun and silly but there are also some very emotional moments. And having Zari join the team as a superhero from the future adds a new fresh spin on everything. It feels so fresh, almost like a new show. The same way season two felt like a new show from season one. I’m excited to see how that translates to the screen.”

What’s especially noteworthy there is those supervillains she spoke of will include another one of Amaya’s granddaughters, none other than Kuasa. Thus, we fully expect Vixen to be put through the emotional wringer when Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.