All The Arrowverse Shows Coming To Netflix In 2020


2019 was a decisive year for the Arrowverse, and leading into 2020, The CW has big plans to reinvigorate the franchise with all-new series coming to expand the multiverse of DC superheroes.

This is an important transition period for The CW dramas, with Arrow arriving at its end after carrying the franchise for eight years and fresh properties like Batwoman and Stargirl helping to push the IP forward. Not to mention that the biggest crossover event in the history of television in the form of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has promised to significantly change the landscape of the multiverse. But for fans who are wondering about the release of the newest seasons from the Arrowverse on Netflix, here’s a list of everything you can expect to see on the streaming platform in 2020:

  • Arrow (Season 8) – Netflix release date: February 2020 (potentially pushed back to May or June)
  • Black Lightning (Season 3) – Netflix release date: Spring or Fall of 2020
  • Legends of Tomorrow (Season 5) – Netflix release date: May or June 2020
  • The Flash (Season 6) – Netflix release date: May or June 2020
  • Supergirl (Season 5) – Netflix release date: May or June 2020

The last two episodes of Arrow will air in January, and two weeks after that, we can expect to see the final season on Netflix. Though owing to the conflicting schedule of other Arrowverse shows, this could be delayed. Also, depending on when the finale of Legends of Tomorrow‘s fifth season airs, we could expect to see the series in May or June 2020. As for The Flash, season 6 is following a normal schedule of 22 episodes, which means that the Scarlet Speedster will return to Netflix somewhere between May and June 2020. The same applies to Supergirl, which is expected to wrap up its fifth season in May like the other shows.

Unfortunately, Stargirl and Batwoman will not be making their way to Netflix in 2020, as the contract between the streaming platform and The CW has expired. Instead, Stargirl will premiere on DC’s own streaming service, DC Universe.

Tell us, though, are you excited about the future of the Arrowverse after “Crisis on Infinite Earths” concludes on January 14th? Let us know your thoughts down below!