Live-Action X-Men Shows Might Be Coming To Disney Plus


Unfortunately, it’s going to be a while before we get a proper MCU X-Men movie. Though the entire stable of mutants will definitely be part of the franchise, Kevin Feige and co. feel that the property could use a rest for the time being. But just because the MCU won’t be featuring mutants in the immediate future, that doesn’t mean there aren’t exciting plans underway.

For instance, Disney+ added a number of X-Men account icons to the platform this week which got folks talking, with fans thinking that some kind of announcement is coming soon. What exactly it may be, that we don’t yet know, but current speculation points to perhaps something to do with X-Men: The Animated Series. However, that’s not the only theory going around, as it could also be a live-action show starring some of the iconic heroes.

At least, that’s according to Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph, who reported the following in a recent video:

“Once again, I heard some rumblings. So once again, I did some of my own digging. And once again I hit paydirt with my sources telling me that Disney is actually considering making solo live-action X-Men shows for Disney Plus.”

Unfortunately, Randolph couldn’t say which characters might be getting their own series, but it’s still pretty exciting to hear that the studio is considering moving forward with such projects. And why wouldn’t they? After all, they need some strong original content on their streaming service and now that they have the rights to the mutant team, the possibilities are endless when it comes to limited series or full-on TV shows spanning multiple seasons.

Wherever all this leads, though, it’s clear that Disney has big plans for the X-Men and while it may be a while yet before we learn of them – especially with the MCU’s Phase 4 being delayed recently due to the Coronavirus – fans can rest easy knowing that the popular superhero group is destined for big things under their new owners.