Disney Reportedly Wants Logan Lerman To Cameo In Percy Jackson TV Show

Percy Jackson
Image via 1492 Pictures

You could practically hear the collective sigh of relief breathed by Rick Riordan fans all over the world this week when the author announced Disney would be adapting Percy Jackson and the Olympians into a Disney+ original series and that he’d be working alongside them to make sure it’s faithful. This long-overdue reparation for 20th Century Fox’s previous affronts to the franchise with their two loosely-adapted films in 2010 and 2013 has still yet to be graced with any real plot specifics or casting news, but we’ve learned something this week which should definitely please fans.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us about the show way back in September, months before it was announced – the Powers That Be at Disney plan to extend an invitation for a triumphant return to Logan Lerman, the first actor to portray the eponymous illegitimate son of Poseidon. His role would only be a small cameo and it’s unclear as yet who he might show up as, but they definitely want him involved, we’re told.

Of course, Lerman is perhaps best known today for his starring role as young math prodigy Jonah Heidelbaum in the Amazon Prime drama Hunters. And although his appearance will most likely be a small one, the fact that Disney intends to pay tribute to the franchise’s previous adaptation shows good will on their behalf.

Percy Jackson

In fact, if the studio stays just as faithful to the original pentalogy of novels as they plan to be to the star of the original film, the new series will surely be in good hands. Though until production fires up and we learn a bit more about what they have planned, we’ll remain cautiously optimistic about this one.

Tell us, though, are you looking forward to the Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus? As always, let us know down below.