Loki Fans Are Losing It Over [SPOILERS] Return


Today’s latest episode of Loki was the biggest of the show so far for numerous reasons. It revealed the truth about the Time Keepers, it it introduced a multiverse of Lokis and it also pitched a Loki/Sylvie romance (controversially, as it happens). In amongst everything else that was squeezed in, it’s easy to forget that it also brought back a major MCU character not seen in years. Namely, Lady Sif, with Jaimie Alexander reprising her role as the Asgardian warrior for a fun cameo.

Once he’s recaptured by the TVA, Tom Hiddleston’s trickster is thrown into a time loop prison, forced to replay a particularly (physically) painful memory from his past on repeat. Specifically, he was trapped reliving the moment Sif kicked and slapped him after he cut off her hair for a laugh over and over. It was a hilarious scene and also pretty significant as it marks Alexander’s first Marvel appearance since an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2015.

Fans went wild over her cameo, then. It turns out there are a lot of folks who’ve been missing Sif in the MCU.

It’s adorable that Loki was almost as pleased to see Sif again as the fans.

Well, technically, Sif was more the Dormammu in this situation…

Here’s a fun fact: Loki cutting Sif’s hair as a prank is pulled from Norse mythology.

Remember, Alexander is returning again for Thor: Love and Thunder, so this cameo acted as a fun precursor to her proper comeback.

Petition to rename it the Lady Sif Cinematic Universe.

The mystery of where Sif has got to has been bugging fans since she was MIA from Thor: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, this Loki cameo didn’t reveal the answer, but it did act as a reminder that we’ll soon be seeing her again in the present in Love and Thunder, when that debuts next spring. In the meantime, Loki continues next week on Disney Plus.