Loki Star Reveals How The Show Helped Her As A New Mom

Lady Loki

Four episodes in and Disney Plus’ Loki has been a wild ride. We’ve seen multiple apocalypses, the mind-bending tech of the TVA, and – as the fourth episode ended – four bizarre new alt-Lokis. But surpassing all that is Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, a female Loki variant who the TVA is trying to wipe from existence. Di Martino has come close to stealing the show from Tom Hiddleston and most are hoping Sylvie will go on to a bright future in the MCU.

Di Martino’s performance is all the more impressive when you consider that she gave birth to her first child months before she began shooting the show. Her baby was on set during the shoot and she’s now revealed that the costume designers made a touching alteration to her super-suit to help her out. See, superhero garb isn’t the most practical thing for childcare, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

And so Loki costume designer Christine Wada included two concealed zippers on the chest, so she didn’t have to fully undress on set to breastfeed. Check it out:

Responses have been incredibly positive, particularly as the needs of new mothers are rarely taken into consideration on TV and movie shoots. User SazkiaLake said: “That’s brilliant! So important that mamas who nurse their babies are given the opportunity of doing so, and then to have a costume designer design this for you is awesome,” Siennaonfilm said: “And folks, there is another reason why female designers are so important in this industry,” and @frazbelina posted: “This is an incredible costume alteration by Christine Wada. These little details we have no idea about that make it better for the performer.”

There’s just two episodes of Loki left to go and with Tom Hiddleston’s variant now transported to some weird ruined city the focus may shift to Sylvie taking her revenge on the TVA and uncovering who’s really pulling the strings (smart money says it’s yet another Loki). Knowing that the behind-the-scenes team were taking such good care of the stars will make watching the rest of the show that much more pleasant.

New episodes of Loki premiere each Wednesday on Disney Plus.