New Loki Theory Says Sylvie Creates The MCU’s X-Men

Lady Loki

Once Evan Peters was cast in WandaVision, we all thought the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Disney Plus exclusive would be the one to set the stage for the eventual introduction of the X-Men into the mythology. That didn’t turn out to be the case following the divisive Ralph Bohner reveal, but a new Loki theory says that Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie could turn out to be the one responsible.

One of the major questions regarding the mutants being parachuted into the MCU is how it’ll be explained that they exist, when they’ve never been mentioned once before in the last thirteen years. Of course, vampires are now canon after a throwaway line of dialogue from Owen Wilson’s Mobius, so it’s not the most far-fetched thing to imagine Loki pulling it off again with the X-Men.

As you’d expect, the multiverse is key to the latest theory, which would handily negate the need for long-winded explanations and origin stories, when the overwhelming majority of MCU fans know exactly what mutants are. In an earlier episode, Sylvie stole a handful of temporal grenades and detonated them all across the Sacred Timeline without much apparent rhyme or reason, and these multiple branches could have created a reality where the X-Men are out there saving their own world.

The theory goes on to say that if Sylvie had gone back far enough, one of these splinter realities could see the X-gene become dominant instead of dormant, and over the course of centuries if not millennia, mutants may have evolved to a point where they’re ready to step out of the shadows and rival the MCU’s roster of established superheroes in terms of their powers and abilities. It’s an interesting thought process, and this Wednesday’s episode of Loki could end up shedding more light on the matter.