Marvel Reportedly Wants To Bring X-Men Into MCU Naturally, No Crossover Of Universes


After thirteen movies in the space of 20 years, you’d have thought it might be difficult to reboot the X-Men and absorb them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe given how familiar audiences are with the characters. However, despite being such a frequent presence on our screens over the last two decades, the Fox franchise barely put a dent in a comic book mythology that’s existed for almost 60 years.

The biggest question is how the MCU will explain why it’s taken so long for mutants to finally reveal themselves to the world when there are dozens of super-powered heroes and villains already out there, none of whom have been particularly shy when it comes to demonstrating their abilities.

The X-Men are still a long way away from making their grand debut as part of Hollywood’s most popular franchise, so there’s plenty of time to figure that out, but that hasn’t stopped a revolving door of rumors and speculation from doing the rounds. Just a couple of weeks ago, in fact, we received a report that the project was entering development under the title of The Mutants, but there wasn’t a whole lot of information provided other than that.

However, a recent leak from a Twitter account named Main Middle Man, which previously revealed a couple of very well-informed WandaVision spoilers that turned out to be accurate, claims to have offered up some new details. According to the individual, The Mutants is an overarching term to describe the entire plan to bring X-Men into the MCU, and not just the title of the reboot itself.

This is reportedly happening via solo characters being introduced in the various MCU movies and TV shows, laying the groundwork for the eventual feature film, which is said to have a direct connection to Eternals and will be tied to Thanos’ Snap in some way.

For more, here’s everything the leaker shared:

– “The Mutants” is not just a name for a movie, but rather for a project to insert mutants into the MCU, starting with solo characters developed in other movies and series, until the first mutant movie happens.

– The first film will have a direct connection to Eternals and may focus on Moira MacTaggart and Charles Xavier, both with their journeys until they meet.

– There is a requirement and concern that the film focus more on social issues about minorities than any other issue.

– The goal is to bring mutants naturally into the universe. There will be no crossover of universes or anything like that. – There may be a mention about mutants feeling free to reveal themselves to the world and fight crimes after Tony Stark reveals himself as Iron Man.

– There will be a whole construction to humans starting to hate people with superpowers in the MCU as events are happening, and the first factor will be the blip. – The first antagonists considered in the discussions are the Brotherhood of Mutants.

– The first X-Men team will be inspired by First Class comics.

– The first mutant may appear in 2021 in the MCU

Of course, this should all be taken with a pinch of salt for now, but it would make sense to slowly roll the rebooted mutants out instead of diving straight into X-Men from the off.